What are the new hours of Camp Fire School Age morning programs?
Monday 7am – 10am, Tuesday-Friday 7am – 9am

What is the fee difference?
• An additional $20 per month.
• Before and After School Program cost has increased from $540 to $560.
• Before School Only Program has increased from $400 to $420.
• To come up with an hourly rate, we divided the number of hours of program per month by the monthly cost. We then added that rate to the previous program cost x 4.

How does this time change impact Child Care Assistance? Will I need to pay the difference, or can I apply for a scholarship?
• Childcare Assistance currently pays $450 towards part-time status childcare, which previously covered Camp Fire Before and After School Program. The additional hour per week due to PLC Mondays will be considered full-time childcare status by Childcare Assistance.
• Families will need to verify with Childcare Assistance that they are authorized for full time coverage. Please do this immediately, because there may be paperwork to receive full-time coverage if you are not already approved.
• If you have contacted Childcare Assistance and they are not able to authorize the difference, and still need childcare but face financial hardship, please apply for a Camp Fire scholarship here.

Why don’t you offer Monday only programs for families who are impacted by the late start?
• Due to staffing requirements, we are not able to offer Monday only program.
• Parents who need care on Mondays will need to buy the full plan.
• Morning shift is regularly difficult for us to staff.
• A high number of high school students work morning shifts and must be at school before 10am.
• We will have to extend the schedules of our current staff to accommodate the new school schedule since people don’t apply to work on just Mondays.