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Supporting Your Child

Let us take you through the steps of the inclusion process for our program.

You’ve informed our office staff that your child experiences a medical and / or emotional / behavioral health diagnosis or challenge while completing the online application. An email will be sent to you, alerting you that you will be contacted by the office to gather further information about your child’s needs. Whether you are on a wait list or are ready for entry into one of our after school programs, you will need to collaborate with the Family Services Manager before your child begins program.

The Family Services Manager supports families by developing and maintaining systems and equipping staff so that resources and accommodations exist for all children to participate in program.  In addition, the Family Services Manager supports families by developing, maintaining and improving systems to ensure parent strengthening and engagement. The Family Services Manager is responsible for assisting you in filling out a Parent Questionnaire for a Plan of Care form. They will then determine what supports or trainings are needed to ensure a positive experience for the entire family.

The purpose of the form is to provide our staff with more information regarding your child’s strengths, experiences, needs, and abilities. It will also help determine the level of care required to ensure your child’s success in our programs. It will only be shared with relevant Camp Fire staff, such as the Program Manager, Regional Supervisor, Site Director and Program Staff that will work directly with your child.

Your answers to the questions on the form will be more helpful to our staff if you provide a complete reflection of your child’s abilities and needs. As a parent, you may be concerned that sharing information about your child may cause Camp Fire to exclude him/her from our program. Rather, comprehensive information helps us develop a quality program in which all individualized needs are met for each child.

The information on the Parent Questionnaire for a Plan of Care will assist us in providing your child with a successful child care experience. We will consider issues such the physical environment, skills training for staff, or outside agency collaboration or resources. We endeavor to make these decisions in a timely manner and promise to keep you updated on the status of your child’s registration.

The Family Services Manager will review the Parent Questionnaire and determine if specific resources or accommodations will be needed for that program. The Parent Questionnaire for Plan of Care will become a part of the child’s record, and will only be shared with relevant Camp Fire staff.

Should it be determined that resources or accommodations are needed, or further clarification is needed to make a decision, the Family Services Manager will contact you via telephone to develop a Plan of Care which informs staff of the supports they need to put into place to ensure a positive experience.

Should a child acquire a new need or experience a life change that may impact their needs in the program, the registering parent/adult will be required to complete and/or update the Parent Questionnaire for a Plan of Care. Changes can be emailed, mailed or faxed using the information provided on the form.

Once a Parent Questionnaire for a Plan of Care and/or Plan of Care is complete, it is considered in effect for one calendar year. If your child continues in Camp Fire programming after a year, you will be contacted to review the accuracy of the forms.