Camp Fire Alaska has begun a name change process for Camp Si-La-Meo.

One of Camp Fire National’s five interwoven strategic commitments is addressing and ending cultural appropriation. The name of Camp Si-La-Meo, which is short for “singing, laughing, memories,” was derived from Native languages through a process outlined in The Name Book. The Name Book was written and published in 1915 by one of Camp Fire’s founders, Charlotte Gulick.

We now understand that this practice of naming camps is a glaring example of cultural appropriation. The name-change process has begun with an internal committee. We are collecting feedback and input from our staff, families, partners, and community members throughout this process, and we will be working with our indigenous partners to ensure that we are approaching this work the best we can.

Do you have an idea or thoughts to share about this name change process that you would like to be considered? Please fill out our online form here.


We are holding a virtual gathering on Wednesday June 21st from 6pm – 7 pm.

All are welcome to learn more information and share their thoughts during this hour long feedback session.

Join the gathering here.

Meeting ID: 957 955 7698
Passcode: CFAK2023


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