If you’ve lived in Alaska for more than a couple months, I’m sure you’ve heart of PFD. No, I’m not talking about a personal flotation device. In case that’s the first thing that comes to mind, here’s a little run down. Every October, each registered Alaskan, no matter the age, receives a PFD if they quality and filled out their application before the yearly deadline in March.

PFD time is exciting to us for a lot of reasons, but especially because it sparks a time of giving. Ever since 2008, Pick.Click.Give. (PCG) has made it possible to pay it forward to nonprofit organizations across the state that enrich the lives of ALL Alaskans. From preserving indigenous culture to providing educational opportunities, from rescuing animals to providing shelter for those in need, from leading public safety initiatives to creating safe spaces for LGBTQ youth, and the list goes on—there is at least one mission we care about and identify with.

When you file your PFD, there are over 600 organizations across Alaska that you are able to choose from. Yup, that’s right: six hundred! Your donation, big or small, means so much to the progress of that work. PCG is an opportunity to engage in philanthropy and support a cause you love, and it gives you the chance to encourage your children to start their life off doing the same.

So what does PCG mean for Camp Fire Alaska? It means that more families will be able to afford to send their kids to camp. It means kids will have a place to go while their parents are at work. It means that over the summer, teens will have the chance to gain workplace experience while still experiencing camp magic. It means that kids will have FUN in a SAFE and ENGAGING environment where they build HEALTHY relationships with other youth and staff, all while discovering their spark.


You can Pick.Click.Give to Camp Fire Alaska here!