It’s not unusual to watch tears flow when our campers and staff say “Goodbye!” at the end of each session or during the final days of Camp K for the year. Summer is a season of growth, adventure, and unforgettable memories at Camp K. For many young adults, it’s also a time of transformation and self-discovery.

At Camp Fire Alaska, the Leader in Training (L.I.T.) program offers teens a unique opportunity to embark on a journey that leads them from being campers to growing the skills they need in order to become future summer camp counselors. At the end of the 4-week session, Summer wrote her letter to Camp K and to future L.I.T.’s, reflecting on her favorite moments and sharing her thoughts.

Dear Future L.I.T.’s,

I hope you tape the art campers make you above your beds.

I hope the sleeves that have been torn from tie-dye shirts with signatures, and photos of past L.I.T.’s are still nailed, pinned, and glued above the door.

I hope you all sing, laugh, and play together, and I wish you all get along and make new friends at Camp K.

I hope you sing at circle ups, wear colorful tie-dye, and do silly things together.

Because these were all my favorite parts of camp as an L.I.T.