Update – Camp Fire Alaska’s Outdoor Programs and the Swan Lake Fire

July 11, 2019: Map provided by the Incident Information System.

The Swan Lake Fire continues to burn and officials report that it will burn all summer. The smoke produced by the fire has led to air quality advisories and increased monitoring of health and safety. 

Air quality in both Anchorage and Cooper Landing is subject to change based upon the fire’s progress and a variety of other weather factors. In Anchorage, campers enrolled in Camp Si-La-Meo and Summer Adventure Programs will continue to enjoy outdoor fieldtrips and activities as conditions allow. Degraded air quality warnings will result in reduced physical activity, reduced exposure to outdoor air, and moving activities indoors. If air quality reaches Unhealthy status, early program closure may result.

Camp K on Kenai Lakeis located in Cooper Landing, and has both greater proximity to the Swan Lake Fire, as well as greater chance of exposure to smoky air. Camp Fire will be intensely monitoring air-quality updates, weather predictions, and health advisories when determining whether to host camp sessions. Again, reduced air quality could result in less time outdoors, less physical activity, and potentially shorter camp sessions.

We have no reason to believe that Camp K is at risk of fire exposure. Anycompromise of environmental safety would lead to the immediate evacuation of camp.

Updates for upcoming Camp K sessions will be communicated to families 2 days prior to their session start. In the event of camp closure, Camp Fire will explore rescheduling camp, relocating our facilities, and other possibilities.

Smoke effects everyone differently, sometimes in unexpected ways. The safety and health of allour campers will alwaysbe our top priority. Minimizing exposure to smoky air while encouraging healthy outdoor play forces all of us to walk a fine line. Our efforts to achieve balance can result in sudden changes of plan. 

Our decision whether to hold camp is directly impacted by the government’s incident reportsofficial air quality reports, contact with health professionals, and weather reports.

Thank youto Camp Fire families who have shown such flexibility and understanding while we navigate these unusual circumstances. We wish you and your families nothing but safety and good health for the duration of this summer—they’re the cornerstones of having fun. As always, please reach out to discuss your family’s needs. We want to provide the best experience possible. Give us a call at (907) 279-3551, our offices are open Monday through Friday, 8AM – 5PM. 

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