Rice Krispie Sculpture Contest

Camp Fire is holding our first ever sculpture contest! As the proud creators of Rice Krispie Treats (aka the molding clay of amateur baking shows) it seems only fitting that we celebrate our heritage the way we know best: with FUN!

School sites will be able to brainstorm, sculpt, and submit their tasty sculptures for a celebrity judge’s consideration. Our contest closes in early October, and the top three scorers will be eligible to win three fabulous prizes!

Stay tuned for sticky fingers, smiling faces, and some wowza-moments!

Rice Krispie Treats. Buttery, gooey, and delightfully crispy, these well-known desserts are beloved for their simplicity and versatility—may we recommend a salted dark chocolate dip? Back in the 1930s, Mildred Day invented this treat on behalf of Camp Fire Girls through the Kellogg Company’s Home Economics Department. 

At the time of invention, Camp Fire Girls needed a product easy enough for beginning bakers to quickly master. As America trudged through the Great Depression and the average pantry’s supply closet dwindled, recipes designed around low production costs and high caloric yield rocketed in popularity. This was around the time Kraft’s Mac and Cheese hit the shelves.

Fortunately for Camp Fire Girls, Mildred Day wasn’t about to cut flour with sawdust. She was inventive (and tasteful!) enough to keep everyone happy.

The original 1932 recipe is included on the side of Rice Krispie boxes to this day. Over time, molasses and corn syrup have been swapped for microwavable marshmallows—but that sweet, warm taste remains a childhood staple across the flux of generations.

Wild Women of Wohelo 2018


Have you ever sent your child off to summer camp and thought to yourself: “I want to go to summer camp too!”?

Well, here’s your chance! Our annual Wild Women of Wohelo Retreat at Camp K is scheduled for August 4-5 this year. This is a ladies only weekend of camp activities like canoeing, hiking and target sports, enhanced with specialty classes such as jewelry beading and flower arranging. Enjoy a relaxing massage, unwind on the beach, invite a friend to come along, and experience being part of a wonderful community of women. Click here to learn more and register. 

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