Positive Words Go A Long Way

At Camp Fire, every day is about helping kids thrive. But we wanted to take one day a year to really do it BIG. That’s why we started Absolutely Incredible Kid Day in 1997. Every year in March, thousands of adults across the country join Camp Fire in lifting up young people with the simple power of words.

Yes, words. I ask you to join me and use your voice. A few simple words can change the way kids see themselves, their strengths, and even their futures. When we focus on words that are encouraging and kind, it is amazing the positive impact they can have.

When was the last time you told the incredible kids in your life how special they are? Even if you don’t have a child of your own, surely you know one—a niece, neighbor, student, or friend. Please join me and Camp Fire Alaska as we celebrate Absolutely Incredible Kid Day today, March 23. It is a simple, meaningful way to let kids know how much they are appreciated.

Write a letter, post a picture, share a special memory, call and say “You are incredible!” The medium doesn’t matter but the message does: You are incredible just the way you are. Be specific, make it personal, keep it up—not just today, but every week of the year. Those few simple words of encouragement on a regular basis can literally change a young person’s life.

I get to meet incredible kids every day as part of my job. They tell me how they can’t wait until Friday because they get to make homemade pancakes for snack. They show me the Valentine’s they have made and the socks they have tie-dyed to send to kids in refugee camps overseas. They take my hand and tour me around so they can tell me exactly what’s happening in their after school program.

To all my Camp Fire Kids, I say:

“You are absolutely incredible. You are inspiring because of your commitment to collecting pennies for others in need. You are an example of what it means to be accepting of those who are different than you. You are the future, and I am encouraged that our world will be a brighter place because of you.”

Now it’s your turn. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every kid in Alaska got a letter of encouragement today? Imagine the possibilities when kids are supported by caring adults.

Barb Dubovich
CEO, Camp Fire Alaska

SHAZAM Invites You To Celebrate Absolutely Incredible Kid Day!

Camp Fire Alaska Celebrates Absolutely Incredible Kid Day on March 21st! 

Are you curious to learn about how YOUR family can participate in this Absolutely Incredible event? Check out this page on how to write that perfect letter to ignite the spark of confidence in your child, or get a more comprehensive overview of what Absolutely Incredible Kid Day is all about!

To wrap up, here’s a fun video from upcoming superhero SHAZAM (Zachary Levi) talking about what a difference you can make during AIKD!

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