Summer Camps for Teens

teenheaderIs your teen ready for an adventure beyond camp? We have expanded our camps for teenagers this year to include four sessions at Camp K on Kenai Lake and a special Teen Trek session at Camp Si-La-Meo. Check out these great adventures! 
ee5f7cef-2d04-449c-8f22-6b060370d729Camp Si-La-Meo Teen Trek, ages 13-15, June 19-23 / $300

Camp Si-La-Meo isn't just for kids! With Camp Si-La-Meo as their base, Teen Trek campers set out for adventures that take them into Alaska's beautiful natural world. Each day is full of activities that build outdoor living skills and develop teamwork and leadership abilities. At the end of the week, they work together to plan, prep and pack for an overnight camping experience. For beginning wilderness campers, this trip is a great opportunity to prepare for a longer, back country Teen Trek at Camp K.
f674d4f8-219f-434c-97fb-940e59e17c26Camp K Trailblazers Teen Trek: Ages 13-17, July 16-22 / $425

The Trailblazers Teen Trek is an introduction to overland, backcountry travel. In order to hoof it over Johnson Pass, campers will learn to plan, prepare and cook meals; organize a backpack; live out of tents; and read the weather, all while having fun as they work together to accomplish their goal.
a3c60908-2857-4063-aee5-7177cba4cddcCamp K Voyagers: Ages 13-17, July 8-14 or July 23-29 / $425

During the Voyagers Teen Trek, campers will be introduced to back country, cold water travel. They will learn to plan, prepare and cook meals; pack and paddle a canoe; live out of tents; read the weather; and, most importantly, to work together as a team.
485b632c-ef9b-47d7-a7ff-15bceaf96d8aCamp K Challengers: Ages 10-16, July 6-14 / $540

Designed for older campers, this extended session is packed full of exciting challenges and skill building. Advanced target sports, hiking, boating, and camping activities take campers out of camp for longer periods - providing even more opportunities to experience new things and grow.
9a6d71b2-6918-46f9-874b-4c1bdbb39d14Camp K's LIT Program: Ages 16-17, June 4-30 / no cost.

Does your teen feel too old to be a camper? If so, they may be ready to step into a leadership position. The LIT program is a multi-week opportunity for older teens to enhance leadership skills, co-lead camp experiences for younger campers, and gain readiness skills for college and the workplace. LIT's spend an extended time at camp, but come home each weekend. Learn more/apply here.