1. Experience

Being a camp counselor gives you the opportunity to build and diversify your resume. Just think of all the skills needed to take on this type of a role: work ethic, communication, creativity, problem solving skills, resiliency, and more. Not to mention the kind of interview material you’ll gain from taking on such a unique opportunity working with all different types of youth.

  1. Fun

There is nothing like letting loose and bringing out your inner child with the youth surrounding you at camp. Being inside what is known as the “Camp Bubble” gives you time and space to be present and engaged with your silliest side. You’re literally being paid to play around! How fun is that?

  1. Community

Just as campers create bonds with their fellow campers, being a counselor also allows you space and time to create lifelong friendships and a tight knit camp community that is irreplaceable. Going through a camp experience, you often don’t realize how close you’ve become to your fellow counselors until it’s time to say goodbye…until you come back next year and create a camp community all over again!

  1. Unplug

Whether working in Anchorage at Camp Si-La-Meo or Summer Adventure Camp, or out in Cooper Landing on Kenai Lake at Camp K where cell service is hard to come by, being a counselor requires plenty of time without the distractions of our media centric world. You get to dive further into getting to know the people around you, immerse yourself into your camp counselor experience, and truly enjoy the beautiful nature of Alaska!

  1. Leadership

You get to act as a role model to youth from all walks of life. The campers you are put in charge of will look up to you, giving you an opportunity to really tap into and build your leadership skills.

  1. Fame

Michelle Obama did it, Lady Gaga did it, Denzel Washington it, INSERT YOUR NAME HERE did it! Basically, being a camp counselor will make you famous. Well, maybe not literally… But you’ll definitely be famous at camp and beyond! You’re guaranteed leave a mark on those around you that won’t be forgotten, especially once you have your own super cool camp name.

Being a camp counselor is the ultimate summer job, especially at Camp Fire Alaska. Between our various camp options at Camp K, Camp Si-La-Meo, and Summer Adventure Camp, there’s bound to be one you feel drawn towards! You can head to https://campfireak.bamboohr.com/jobs/ to read about our current summer camp job openings and to find the perfect fit for you.

If this article hasn’t already 1000% convinced you, then hear it from some of our own famous Camp Fire Alaska Camp Counselor’s themselves: