Camp Fire is helping kids Thrive

Thrive{ology}: (n): a research based methodology to help youth realize their fullest potential that Camp Fire Alaska is integrating into all of its programming.

Camp Fire was the first national youth development organization in the United States to implement the Thrive methodology from the Thrive Foundation for Youth, a leader in researching and advocating methods which tap into young people’s aspirations and help them achieve their full potential. Camp Fire Alaska was one of the first 10 Camp Fire sites to begin this programming in 2012.

How it works:
1) Tapping into a youth’s sparktheir fundamental motivation, the thing that most excites or drives them—is the first component of the Thrive{ology} framework.

2) Next, staff encourage youth to try—to try new things, to try for higher levels of participation or deeper levels of understanding—and remind them that practice and effort define success. This encourages a growth mindseta belief that skills and abilities can be grown through practice.

3) Then, Camp Fire asks youth to set goals for themselves or as a group and staff support youth to identify the steps they will need to succeed and the resources they have available to tackle roadblocks or challenges.

4) Throughout the goal management process, staff use guided reflection to help youth realize the important life skills they are developing as they work and play. We call these skills our “Kid-Sized Values”Caring, Striving and Thriving—and youth are given praise and awards for exhibiting these values in our programs.

Research is showing that, with continued effort, youth who follow the Thrive{ology} framework
demonstrate better self confidence, improved GPA, increased school attendance, better goal-
management, and decreased risk behaviors.


Thrive{ology} in action at Camp Fire Alaska:

Click here to watch a news report from Fox 4 KTBY about our 2014 Spring Break Thrive Day Camp for youth grades 5-8.