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At Camp Fire, we believe that youth should have a voice and a choice in the planning and decision-making process. All of our programs are participant-centered and include a variety of fun, developmentally appropriate activities such as games, cooking, arts and crafts, drama, music, sports, science, field trips, and lots of time outdoors.

Our Programs Promise to…

*Teach and improve social and emotional learning skills

*Create experiences that teach active and healthy lifestyles

*Build confidence and leadership skills

*Develop knowledge and appreciation for the natural world

*Value people of diverse backgrounds and abilities

Daily Schedule

Morning Program: Begins at 7am and ends at 8:50am (or 10 minutes before the first bell). Program includes breakfast, quiet activities, free play, and gym activities.

Afternoon Program: Begins right after school and ends at 6pm (6:30 in Eagle River). Program includes a snack, small and large group activities, free play, quiet time, gym activities, and outside time.

School dismissal: Sign-in / Choice / Outside or Gym Time
4:00—4:30: Snack / Circle Time
4:30—5:15: Group Activity or Interest Centers & Clean up
5:15—6:00: Free Play or Quiet Time until parent pick up

*Eagle River programs close at 6:30 p.m.
**Click here to read about our full-day programs!

Breakfast/Snacks: Every day we offer breakfast or a breakfast supplement at all before-school programs and a nutritious snack each afternoon at all after-school programs. Breakfast and snacks provided meet the USDA food program requirements.

Outdoor Time: We go outside every day, weather permitting (we follow ASD weather policies).

Field Trips: Children have the opportunity to participate in field trips periodically throughout the year.
Clean-up: Camp Fire helps children gain respect for their environment by expecting them to participate in clean-up activities.

Camp Fire is an equal opportunity provider.




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