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Camp K


Alaska’s longest running, co-ed overnight camp is nestled along the shores of Kenai Lake in Cooper Landing, a two-hour bus ride from Anchorage. Just a stone’s throw from main camp and your own cabin is a half-mile long beach with access to hiking trails, boating activities, large fields for outdoor games, and an art building.

This 160-acre campus within the Chugach National Forest is “wild Alaska” with everyday opportunities to be off the grid, experience wildlife, and take in the epic beauty right outside your cabin door.

Transportation and camp t-shirt included!

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Camp Experience

4 days/3 nights
An opportunity for campers of all ages to try out camp for a shortened week!

6 days/5 nights
Traditional Camp is the heart of Camp K. Each session promises to bring fun, friendship, discovery, and the sheer joy of making memories that last a lifetime.

About 2022 traditional sessions

ARTS WEEK — Arts week will encompass all of the arts with an outdoor spin. From creating paintings and sculptures with nature we find at camp, to practicing theater skills with an end of session cabin play, our campers will have an incredible week expressing themselves artfully in nature.

SURVIVOR— Based on the classic television show, campers will compete in a variety of survival challenges all week. Each cabin group will learn how to communicate and work together as a team to "survive" these challenges. But don't worry, we won't vote anyone off the island!

GAGA GALORE—If you've been to camp before, you know what this means. If you haven't, then you're in for a glorious surprise when you go ga-ga too.

SPORTS WEEK— Sports week will cover all the classics from Gaga to Kickball, but also other fun fitness and sporty events. Cabins will create and name their own teams and even design their own fun sports utilizing the incredible camp environment.

COLOR DAYS— Summer wraps up with a bang as campers are divided into teams. Their mission? To definitively win the Camp K 2022 Championship.

5 days/4 nights

About expedition camp sessions


By and far our most exciting session yet. Thanks to the generosity of a Halibut Cove resident, we will be hosting a once-in-a-lifetime camp session across Kachemak Bay. Camp in tents, hike to a glacier, kayak through town, and explore tide pools. This will be a truly Alaskan experience--one you won't want to miss. Space is limited, so register while you can!


12 days/11 nights


Challengers week is back! Send your teen to an expedition based session where they spend 12 days learning outdoor leadership skills. This session includes a 3 day, 2 night backpacking trip and a 2 day 1 night canoe trip.

2022 Costs

Recognizing that families have different abilities to pay camp fees, Camp Fire Alaska has instituted a three-tier fee system.

A tiered payment system allows you to identify the payment option that is most affordable for your family while still ensuring that all campers receive the same camp experience no matter what families pay. Families can also use the new tiered payments system as a multi-child discount by selecting different tiers when registering multiple children.

To further ensure that all children have the wonderful opportunity to attend camp, financial assistance is available for families who cannot afford Tier 3. To apply for a scholarship click here.

Thank you to our donors for making scholarships and tiered pricing possible.


Tier I—True Cost Rate. This is the highest rate and more closely represents the true cost of camp, inclusive of all direct costs plus maintenance, insurance, utilities, equipment, etc.


Tier II—Partially Subsidized Rate. This is the mid-tier rate that helps to offset Camp K’s operating costs, but does not reflect the true cost of operating summer camp programs.


Tier III—Subsidized Rate. This is the lowest rate, which is as close as possible to the rate Camp Fire Alaska has historically offered. This price also does not reflect the true cost of operating summer camp programs.

Camp Activities

water front

Camp K's waterfront activities include a variety of things like canoeing, kayaking, and swimming. The beach is also a great place for skipping rocks or just relaxing with friends while enjoying the spectacular views. Activities are lead and supervised by a Certified Lifeguard and Waterfront Specialist.

target sports
Target Sports

Target sports are not only a lot of fun, but they also help develop hand-eye coordination, concentration, and focus. Camp K offers Archery, Riflery, Blow Darts, Atlatl, and even Wrist Rockets! What's atlatl--spear-like projectiles that use a tool to fly further than the arm alone could throw. trust us, you're going to want to try it out!

camp games
Camp Games

Camp K’s large activity field is perfect for games and sporting activities. Campers love playing GaGa and 9 Square in the Air, as well as all-camp games such as Capture the Flag, Dragon's Nest or Pony Express.

Arts & Crafts

Painting, beading, wood burning, fiber arts, leather bracelets, woven friendship bracelets, tie-dye…and so much more. Camp K has its own crafts pavilion named “Lenny”.


From climbing mountains to exploring trails close to camp, opportunities abound for getting outside and exploring. Popular hikes to Russian River Falls allow us to watch salmon or meander down to Rainbow Lake.

camp out
Camp Outs

Older campers spend a night or two out of camp for a more wilderness experience. They prepare, pack and carry their gear for a camp out that can include tent camping, cooking over the fire, and filtering water. There's no better location on earth to learn how to camp out.

The Sauna

The lake is COLD…the sauna is hot! Need we say more?

outdoor living
Nature and Outdoor Living

Learn how to build a fire, make a shelter, and the principles of Leave No Trace. Technology trends mean that many kids never learn how to build and cook over a fire, set up a tent, and camp responsibly. In fact, some kids have never gone camping. With current research demonstrating the need for kids to unplug and connect with nature, you can trust our professionally trained staff to teach your kids these skills and more.

Opening and Closing Campfires

What would summer camp be without a campfire? Camp sessions begin and end with evenings around the fire sharing skits, songs and fun times together in order to create community and a sense of belonging. Our staff teach your kids that camp is a safe place to be the truest version of yourself. Campers watch counselors model what it means to be comfortable with who you are.