Camp Fire Alaska | Light the Fire Within

Daily Schedule

Morning Program

Begins at 7am and ends at 8:50am (or at the first bell).

Program includes breakfast, activities, interest centers, and gym activities.

Afternoon Program

Begins right after school and ends at 6pm (6:30 in Eagle River).

Program includes a snack, small and large group activities, interest centers, gym activities, and outside time.


3:30—4:30pm: Sign-in / Outside or Snack

4:30pm: Circle Time
4:45pm: Group Activity

5:40pm: Interest Centers
6pm: Pick up Anchorage

6:30pm: Pick up Eagle River



Every day we offer breakfast or a breakfast supplement at all before-school programs, and a nutritious snack each afternoon at all after-school programs. Breakfast and snacks provided meet the USDA food program requirements.

Outdoor Time

We go outside every day, weather permitting (we follow ASD weather policies).


Our activities are age-appropriate and include outdoor and gym time every day, hands-on learning such as STEM activities, arts and crafts, cooking, as well as quiet choices such as reading and board games. During Interest Centers, kids can choose high or low energy group or independent activities such as table games, reading, homework, gym time or arts and crafts.


Camp Fire helps children gain respect for their environment by expecting them to participate in clean-up activities.

Family Events

Camp Fire isn’t just for kids! We regularly host events for the entire family so you can see for yourself all the fun things we are learning. Ask your Site Director about the next Family Event.