Between Si-La-Meo, Camp K, and Summer Adventure Camp, a lot of our challenges in 2021 revolved around creating and monitoring the COVID-19 mitigation procedures. These guidelines and protocols changed camp a LOT, but what we learned is that with a great team of dedicated and hard-working staff, we were able to morph camp into what it needed to be in order to create a healthy and safe space for our campers while still maintaining the “camp magic”. By working hard to keep our program safe, we are able to continually support our campers to find their spark. All of our camp communities continue to contribute to creating this space for our kids to have uninterrupted “kid time” and continue to connect with old friends, make new ones, and realize their potential as individuals.

This upcoming summer at Si-La-Meo, we are most excited to bring back Rock Climbing, Swimming, and Field Trips! At Summer Adventure Camp, we can’t wait to have special guests at program again. We also are introducing a new Leader in Training (LiT) Program for teens ages 15-17 to come to camp for an entire month and learn side by side with our counselors as they build leadership skills at Camp K. Camp K will also have new expedition camps this year and we can’t wait to teens out in the backcountry in a safe and supported way.