2018 Camp K Jobs

Work and play outside all summer 

Camp Fire Alaska’s co-ed, residential camp is nestled along the shores of beautiful Kenai Lake in Cooper Landing, approximately two hours from Anchorage. Camp K sits on 160 acres in the lush Chugach National Forest. Just a stone’s throw from main camp and your own cabin is a half-mile long beach with access to hiking trails, boating activities, large fields for outdoor games, an art building, as well as river rafting and horseback riding nearby. If you enjoy being outside every day, playing with and teaching youth while working with a team of passionate leaders, then this is the job for you.  This is “wild Alaska” with everyday opportunities to be off the grid, experience wildlife, and take in the epic beauty right outside your cabin door.

Work begins with a week of training where you will not only have an opportunity to earn your Wilderness First Aid certification, but will also immerse yourself in cooperative, hands-on activities to learn to facilitate team-building activities, instruct outdoor skills, and coach youth. During camp, you will collaborate with a team to mentor and teach youth ages 6-17 to guide them through days of fun, educational activities that build lifelong social and emotional skills through outdoor learning. 

POSITIONS AVAILABLE—late May through early August 

Camp Counselors (2 males)

DESCRIPTION: This is the most important position at camp. You will spend each day guiding campers through a variety of activities, showing them how to work together and set goals, how to respect each other, and ultimately how to be their best selves all while having fun in the wild backcountry of Alaska. You get to bring your campers to certified Activity Specialists, who will facilitate boating and kayaking, target sports, outdoor learning skills, and arts and crafts with your support.  In between those activities, you help campers grow by reflecting on learning, playing games, and exploring the vast camp grounds.  One of the most important parts of this job is being a positive community member who can bring the fun! This job is as challenging and tiring as it is satisfying and inspirational.  You may come to Alaska so you can leave with a pocketful of your own adventures (which you’ll get)—but after a summer at Camp K, you will for sure leave having had real opportunities to positively impact a kid’s life for the better.

PAY: $2,800-$2,900/season (certification dependent) + Room & Board + a travel allowance

Training and Program Delivery Dates: May 21—Aug 6 (with time off mid-season)


Activity Specialists (2)
Creative Arts Specialist, Trip Leader/Teen Specialist

DESCRIPTION: This is the backbone of camp, where you take ownership of one specialized activity. Each day will be broken into different activity blocks, where you will plan for and lead your specialized activity, in addition to sometimes stepping in to act as a camp counselor or support camp in other ways. Camp Counselors are there to support positive, engaged youth in your specialized program area, whereas you shine through expert facilitation skills to activities at the heart of camp, ones kids don’t generally get to access any other place. When kids initially come to your program, you will focus on teaching the fundamentals. As they return, you will challenge them to learn more complex skills. The more creative the better—generally out of ratio, you are freed up to bring bigger and better activities—the ones memories and stories to tell back home are made of!

PAY: $3,000—$3,300/season (certification dependent) + Room & Board + travel allowance

Training and Program Delivery Dates: May 17—Aug 10 (with time off mid-season)


Unit Leaders (2)

DESCRIPTION: Unit Leaders are emerging professionals in the camp world, assisting the Summer Program Director to manage camp. Responsibilities include maintaining positive relations and excellent customer service; positively communicating with campers, staff, camp leadership, parents, visitors, program partners, and office administration; and running daily camp operations. Unit Leaders assist with the implementation of a rigorous staff training program and with the procurement of program supplies and equipment, including ensuring that staff are outfitted with materials needed. Most importantly, Unit Leaders supervise staff to ensure consistent, high-quality program delivery by giving and receiving feedback; provide opportunities for staff to share their needs; have their fingers on the pulse on youth needs and daily interactions; and strike the perfect balance between showing initiative and seeking support when necessary. Ever the ham, they get to lead whole-camp activities, songs, and reflections. They are the eyes, ears, and hands of camp—they must role model self-care and healthy levels of perfectionism.

PAY: $4,500/season + Room & Board + travel allowance

Training and Program Delivery Dates: May 15—Aug 8 (with time off mid-season)


Kitchen Manager

DESCRIPTION: The Kitchen Manager is a positive, caring, and detail-oriented, top-kitchen performer, who oversees the kitchen staff and all aspects of the Camp K kitchen. Using best practices for risk management, the Kitchen Manager maintains the facility, supplies, and equipment in a safe manner, while also overseeing menu planning, food prep, kitchen inventory, food/supply orders, kitchen health and sanitation, and specialty food service, including adhering to all dietary needs and allergy restrictions. Responsibilities also include developing a system for minimizing waste, monitoring supplies, recording purchases, arranging for snacks and special events, and coordinating off-campus meals. The Kitchen Manager supervises, ensuring the highest quality of health and safety in the kitchen, while also knowing that food at camp tastes best when made with a positive attitude and love. Your soul is fed as you feed our staff, youth, and partner groups, no matter what effort it takes to meet their need.

PAY: $6,600/season + Room & Board

Training and Program Delivery Dates: May 15—August 10 (with time off mid-season)


Kitchen Assistants (3)

DESCRIPTION: Support the Kitchen Manager in a youth-focused Food Service program aimed at the provision of nutritious and appealing meals in a safe and clean environment.  Live on the premises of Camp K during the summer season.  Engage in work that supports Camp Fire’s Promise to provide youth with the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice and discover who they are.

PAY: $10/hour with opportunities for overtime + Room & Board

Training and Program Delivery Dates: May 21—August 6 (with time off mid-season)


Camp Nurse

DESCRIPTION: The Camp Nurse oversees the Camp Health Center and all health concerns at camp, using best practices for all aspects of risk management. Responsibilities also include ensuring that all camp staff and campers have current health forms completed; establishing health screening system and record keeping; following medical procedures for waste disposal, managing medications, and utilizing approved standing orders; making appointments and referrals as needed; and coordinating coverage during periods of unavailability.  This member of the staff often pitches in elsewhere throughout the day to observe youth in various settings to ensure the total health of all participants. Kind, patient, and ever-generous with a smile, Camp K’s Camp Nurse knows that health care is emotional and physical and that sometimes some direct attention is exactly what the doctor ordered. From a trip to the hospital for an emergency to actively listening to a case of homesickness, the Camp Nurse is flexible, professional, and yet ready to camp it up as necessary.    

PAY: $7,500/season + Room & Board

Training and Program Delivery Dates: May 17—Aug 10 (with time off mid-season)


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