As we head into summer, we wanted to include an update on our policies for keeping everyone safe and healthy this summer. Our leadership team is still meeting regularly to stay current on changing recommendations and to review best practices from national, state and local authorities. Camp Fire Alaska policies may differ from policies elsewhere. Our policies may change throughout the summer as new information becomes available. Watch your email, check back here, and follow us on social media for all our updates.


Here are a couple of important highlights:

· Vaccinated individuals do not need to wear masks outside but should still maintain six-feet of distance from other households.

· Campers cannot attend or stay at camp with COVID symptoms.

· Campers need a note from a doctor excusing any chronic symptoms that they have not related to COVID.

· Before coming to camp, call and let us know if anyone in your household is exhibiting symptoms or may have come in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

· Call us to find out our latest travel policy for returning to camp if anyone in the household has traveled out of state or in-state by plane in the 14-days prior to attending camp.


Will kids have to wear masks?

Yes, when indoors and when social distancing cannot be maintained. We no longer require that masks be worn when participating in outdoor activities.

How do you plan to keep kids safe from COVID at your programs?

We have mitigation plans posted on our website and staff undergo rigorous training. We have been running programs throughout the pandemic and our staff has experience and training with new procedures and protocols around health and safety.

Attending programs is still a risk and we will ask you to sign a risk liability waiver before your child can attend. We cannot guarantee that your child will not be exposed to COVID, but we do have procedures in place to reduce that risk.

Will we be notified if there’s an exposure or positive test in Camp Fire?

We follow health department and licensing requirements for contract tracing and have our own communication plan in place to notify anyone in close contact with someone who tests positive. Please refer to our mitigation plans for detailed information on all of our new procedures.

What if my child gets sick at camp?

You will be notified if your child needs to be picked up from camp because of serious illness or for any symptoms of COVID-19. Campers cannot attend or stay at camp with COVID symptoms, so please designate an adult who can pick up your camper within an hour of notification.

What if my child has chronic symptoms that are the same as COVID-19?

Before your child can attend or return to camp, you will need to provide a note from a doctor excusing any chronic symptoms that are not related to COVID.

What if we have a vacation planned and return to Alaska the day before our camp session begins?

You are required to notify us of any travel plans that involve out of state and in-state travel by plane that take place within 14-days of your camp session. Camp Fire Alaska has testing and quarantine requirements for returning to camp following travel.


How will I hear about changes to your programs?

Follow us on Facebook and check our website for news and updates. We also communicate directly with registered families via email so please add to your contact/safe list to ensure you receive these updates. If you believe you have unsubscribed, email us at and we’ll help you re-subscribe.

What if a program is cancelled that required a fee to attend?

If your child is a participant in a program cancelled due to COVID, we will work with you on an adjustment to your account.

Can I get a refund if my child gets sick or can’t attend days that I’ve paid for?

We do not offer refunds for illness, non-attendance, vacation or suspension.

I’m on a scholarship or have help paying my fees, will you still offer these services?

Yes, we are still accepting scholarship applications and working with third parties who offer fee assistance.

I’ve never qualified for a scholarship before, but my financial situation has changed and I’m worried about not being able to pay the fees.

We encourage you to apply for a scholarship. We process partial scholarships as well as full scholarships and consider each one individually.



Is the Camp Fire office open?

Our offices are currently closed to the public until further notice. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact staff directly. If you need assistance completing registration, discussing your bill, or have questions about working for us please call (907) 279-3551 and follow the prompts to reach the right department. You can also email us at the addresses below.

For general questions:

For registration questions:

For billing questions:

For hiring questions:

I have a meeting or interview scheduled with Camp Fire Alaska. Are those being held?

We will hold in-person new hire interviews by appointment only to be scheduled by Human Resources. Feel free to reach out to the person you’re scheduled with or know that our staff will be reaching out to you regarding meeting adjustments.

COVID-19 mitigation plan for all programs