November is known as the Month of Gratitude for many reasons. Gratitude is a muscle that we must strengthen, and we want to do just that. We asked our staff what they are grateful for this year, and here’s what some of them said.
“I am so grateful for the people I work with every day.  We have such an incredible team of committed leaders who not only show up to support youth and families, but to support one another in this work.  I am so grateful I work for an organization that cultivates a culture of caring!”

I’m grateful I get to be part in children’s daily lives!”

“I’m grateful for Camp Fire’s Board of Directors and dedicated volunteers.”

“I’m thankful for the understanding that Camp Fire gives employees with families! I’m not made to feel guilty if my kids are sick or if I’m sick. I feel appreciated.”

“I am grateful to be able to do something I believe in and to work towards Camp Fire’s mission alongside passionate and talented individuals who are supportive, super fun, and great at what they do!”

“I enjoy being accepted regardless of my flaws, quirks and religious beliefs. I feel safe working in a non-discriminatory environment.”

“I’m grateful for my family and everything that I have. Also, I’m grateful and thankful for my job and work environment.”

“I’m grateful for being with an agency that sees me not just as a worker, but someone who has life going on outside of Camp Fire. They’re an understanding agency who encourages me to prioritize my health. It is something I didn’t think I’d be able to find.”



“I am grateful for working for Camp Fire because over the years it has become my second family. I enjoy working with kids and seeing them grow, and I also learn a lot from them! It’s awesome seeing the coaching and training we do with staff play out at site. I am also thankful that I work for an agency that focuses on personal growth, as well.”

“I’m grateful for the flexibility I have in my role to work remotely on occasion. It allows me to travel to see my kids and grandkids while still meeting my obligations here.  I’m also grateful that our leadership staff are approachable and genuine.”

“I am grateful to have learned so many things about leadership with all of the positions I have had at Camp Fire and I am thankful to have coworkers and supervisors who are understanding and compassionate.”

“I am grateful for the strong companionate leadership Camp Fire Alaska provides, and the opportunities I am given to help enrich the lives of Alaskan youth in meaningful ways.”

“I am grateful that I have a team of people that I know will be there to support me if needed!”

“I am grateful that I found a job that can work around my schedule and an opportunity to work in the field of childcare where it help me improve my skills.”

“I am grateful to be working in a setting where nobody is discriminated against. Everyone is included, no matter what their religion, race, or gender is.”