Camp Fire Alaska Wish List

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Camp Fire Alaska deeply appreciates its supporters and benefactors who take the time to contribute in ways that are uniquely special, and we want to honor your generosity as much as is possible. If circumstances allow, we may be available to organize a pick up of donated materials, and our staff is always ready to field questions and to help you with managing details.  

School Age Child Care
Basic supplies (glue, paper, markers)
Kitchen supplies (small appliances, pans)
Paper goods (cups, plates, napkins, forks)
School supplies
Gym equipment (balls, nerfs)
Board games
Computers, education software
Musical instruments
Tennis shoes (for gym)
Materials (woods, hinges, wheels)
Walkie Talkies
AA batteries

Outdoor Programs
Used pick-up truck for Camp K work
Outdoor equipment (tents, backpacks, sleeping bags)
First Aid kits
Picnic tables
Art materials
Services from specialists
Canoes and Paddles
Kayaks and Paddles

Rural Alaska Program
Air miles
Baggage underwriting
Water safety equipment
Van rentals
Community Dinner sponsers
Shipping/Postage underwriting
Water safety instruction
Home hospitality

General Council Needs
Recycling Pick Up Service
Laptop computers
LCD projector
Digital video camera
Air miles
Guest speakers (activities, lessons, tutoring)
Printing Services
Professional Photography Services
Professional Development Workshops


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