One of the most magical parts about being specifically Camp Fire Alaska is all of the unique moments in nature and life that come along with our location. Getting to capture and engage with Mother Earth’s most stunning moments, like when the Aurora visit, are such a gift. In honor of the beautiful land we live on, we wanted to share our current Land Acknowledgement:

Camp Fire Alaska works on the ancestral land of the Dena’ina people.  We value and thank them for their current and historic commitment to and protection of this land.  We strive to learn more about the history of the Dena’ina people and the historic trauma they have suffered.  We commit to moving from an ally to an active advocate through activities, actions, and organizational decisions and practices. And, we pledge to assist, in partnership with permission, in the environmental stewardship of these lands in Anchorage. We understand that this is a dynamic process through which our Land Acknowledgement practices and statement will evolve as we receive feedback from tribal partners and acquire a deeper understanding of the Dena’ina people, their wisdom, and their oneness with nature.

In program, we honored this beautiful show of nature and the land we are so lucky to live on by doing chalk art of the Aurora!



Too cute right?!  Now, check out all the views our various staff got to experience this past month that inspired this art…