Unplanned School Closure Days

Camp Fire provides full day programming at designated schools, depending on the severity of the weather. We do our best to open programs and care for your children, but we also have to consider the safety of our staff. Depending on road conditions and other factors, Camp Fire staff may arrive late or programs may not open. During these times, we ask for your patience and understanding while we assess what’s best for all.

1. Programs will attempt to open at 7:30am and stay open until 6pm (6:30pm in Eagle River). However, there are many factors to consider during these unplanned closures and programs may open late or close early for safety reasons.

2. There is a $45 a day charge per child because we provide care all day rather than just before and after school. We will add this fee to your next billing cycle.

3. You must already be enrolled in Camp Fire to attend program during emergency school closure days.

4. We ask that you accompany your children into the building to assure that there are at least two Camp Fire staff on site. This is a safety measure to assure no children are unattended at any time.

5. Please send a nutritious lunch, warm outdoor clothing, and any medications your child needs during the day.

For further questions, call our main office after 8 am at 279-3551
Additional school closure and weather information: visit www.asdk12.org, tune into ASD Channel 14, or check local TV and radio stations.

Determine Your Site Location Below

If your child is enrolled in Camp Fire at:Go here during unscheduled closures:
Abbott Loop, Huffman, O'Malley, Polaris, Spring Hill, TrailsideSpring Hill: 9911 Lake Otis Parkway, 538-4992
Alpenglow, Chugiak, Fire Lake, Homestead, RavenwoodHomestead: 18001 Baranoff St., 744-7164
Airport Heights, Chugach Optional, Denali, Government Hill,
Inlet View, Russian Jack
Denali: 952 Cordova St., 717-4341
Chester Valley, Lake Otis, Nunaka Valley, Rogers Park,
Scenic Park, Susitna
Lake Otis: 3331 Lake Otis Parkway, 891-4748
Chinook, Gladys Wood, Klatt, Ocean View, Sand LakeSand Lake: 7500 Jewel Lake Rd., 243-2161

Or, refer to the following links to see a map of your snow-day site.

Spring Hill, Homestead, Denali, Lake Otis, Sand Lake

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