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Update – Camp Fire Alaska’s Outdoor Programs and the Swan Lake Fire

July 11, 2019: Map provided by the Incident Information System.

The Swan Lake Fire continues to burn and officials report that it will burn all summer. The smoke produced by the fire has led to air quality advisories and increased monitoring of health and safety. 

Air quality in both Anchorage and Cooper Landing is subject to change based upon the fire’s progress and a variety of other weather factors. In Anchorage, campers enrolled in Camp Si-La-Meo and Summer Adventure Programs will continue to enjoy outdoor fieldtrips and activities as conditions allow. Degraded air quality warnings will result in reduced physical activity, reduced exposure to outdoor air, and moving activities indoors. If air quality reaches Unhealthy status, early program closure may result.

Camp K on Kenai Lakeis located in Cooper Landing, and has both greater proximity to the Swan Lake Fire, as well as greater chance of exposure to smoky air. Camp Fire will be intensely monitoring air-quality updates, weather predictions, and health advisories when determining whether to host camp sessions. Again, reduced air quality could result in less time outdoors, less physical activity, and potentially shorter camp sessions.

We have no reason to believe that Camp K is at risk of fire exposure. Anycompromise of environmental safety would lead to the immediate evacuation of camp.

Updates for upcoming Camp K sessions will be communicated to families 2 days prior to their session start. In the event of camp closure, Camp Fire will explore rescheduling camp, relocating our facilities, and other possibilities.

Smoke effects everyone differently, sometimes in unexpected ways. The safety and health of allour campers will alwaysbe our top priority. Minimizing exposure to smoky air while encouraging healthy outdoor play forces all of us to walk a fine line. Our efforts to achieve balance can result in sudden changes of plan. 

Our decision whether to hold camp is directly impacted by the government’s incident reportsofficial air quality reports, contact with health professionals, and weather reports.

Thank youto Camp Fire families who have shown such flexibility and understanding while we navigate these unusual circumstances. We wish you and your families nothing but safety and good health for the duration of this summer—they’re the cornerstones of having fun. As always, please reach out to discuss your family’s needs. We want to provide the best experience possible. Give us a call at (907) 279-3551, our offices are open Monday through Friday, 8AM – 5PM. 

6th Annual Wild Women of Wohelo Retreat

Camp isn’t just for kids anymore! Ladies, join us August 3-4 for two days at beautiful Camp K on Kenai Lake.  This weekend combines the splendor of nature with all the fun of summer camp for grown-ups. Explore the shores along the lake, the surrounding trails, and participate in traditional camp activities such as arts & crafts, kayaking and archery alongside  the company of a great community of women.  All funds raised support Camp K’s Maintenance Fund.

For more information or to register, click here.

Camp Si-La-Meo 2019 Special Offers

Camp Si-La-Meo’s field trip schedule is done! Campers age 9-13 are invited to take advantage of this year’s huge catalogue of field trip add-ons. Download the field trip schedule here.

We would also like to highlight Camp Si-La-Meo’s new Family Camp. Running July 1-3, Family Camp is a special opportunity for parents and siblings to take part in camp fun. Download Family Camp schedule here.

For questions, check out the Si-La-Meo FAQ, or give us a call at (907) 279-3551.

How to Choose a Camp

Camp Fire Alaska has a variety of summer programs to match your family’s needs as well as your child’s interests and maturity level. In some cases, a mix of different camp experiences throughout the summer is the perfect choice. You can find more details on our website, but here are some guidelines to help get you started!

Summer Adventure Program

Licensed Full-Day Program, entering grades 1-7
June 3rd – August 2nd

Flexibility: Register by the day, week, or the whole summer!
Friends: Your camper will likely already know many of the other kids.
CCA: This program accepts child care assistance payments.

Sample activities include outdoor recreation, field trips, gym games, cooking, science, creative arts and community involvement projects. Read more about this program!

Camp K on Kenai Lake

Overnight Camp, Ages 6-17
May 29th – July 25th

All-Age Sessions: Camp K has short sessions for beginners and wilderness expeditions for older teens.
Independence: Overnight camp provides the best environment for kids to grow and challenge themselves.
Nature: Camp K’s beautiful surroundings provide campers with a chance to connect with the natural world around them.
Campers stay at camp overnight, sleep in bunk houses and participate in traditional summer camp activities such as canoeing, hiking, archery and creative arts. Read more about this program!

Camp Si-La-Meo

Day Camp, Ages 5 – 13 
June 3rd – August 9th

Close to Home: It has all the fun of summer camp, but campers sleep at home each night.
Swimming: Campers of all ages learn to swim and/or improve their swimming skills.
Challenging: Campers are organized into small groups by age, and activities are designed to fit each group’s physical, mental and social ability levels.
Activities include: Swimming, Rock Wall Climbing, Boating, Archery, Creative Arts, Hiking, Outdoor Living Skills, and Team Building activities. Read more about this program!

Extra Resources

Next Steps: Preparing for Overnight Camp 
Need some financial support?
Our Scholarship Fund may help! Download the Application Form.
Donate: Please consider contributing to this year’s Campership Fund. Click Here to Donate.


Call us at (907) 279-3551 for questions about programs. Or, contact our summer program leaders…
Summer Adventure Program: Nichole Boyden @
Camp K: Will Day @
Camp Si-La-Meo: Rae Ratliff @

Is Your Child Ready for Summer Camp?


When to start sending your child to overnight camp is a decision that depends on you and your child. A mature six year old might be ready to go, while some ten year olds might not be quite ready. Sometimes, “he’s not ready for camp” actually means you’re not ready. It’s a big step! To help you navigate this decision, we’ve pulled together some tips from experts in the field.

Advice from Peg Smith, former CEO of the American Camp Association

Parents should consider whether their child has been away from them overnight before, either with friends or family members, and how they have handled those separations. Really, it’s the child’s expectations that will drive the experience, and determine your confidence in them. I remember my son wanted to go to camp when he was about seven, and I had this bubble over my head saying ‘you’re not ready to do that.’ But he was. Talking to the child about camp and what their expectations are can help you decide if they understand what camp is, and if they’re ready to go.

How Your Camper Will Benefit

By Katie Adrian, Camp Fire’s former Manager of Camp K on Kenai Lake 
Every camp experience provides opportunities for campers to build their social and emotional skills, and practice how to engage with their peers and with adults in a productive way that will carry over into their interactions at home, school, and in the community. From team building and get to know you games to challenging new activities and familiar favorites, camp is full of ways for youth to build self-confidence and independence.
You can help ease this transition for your camper by taking them out on a hike or sleeping in a tent in your backyard before sending them on the bus to camp. Sharing photos of camp also helps prepare your child for what camp will be like. No matter what you might be feeling as a parent, showing your child that you are excited for their amazing adventure will help them feel excited, too!
Camp is an amazing place to build new friendships and meet caring adults. As soon as a camper has built a connection to another person or activity at camp, any feelings of homesickness melt away and are replaced with independence, competence, and a sense of excitement about upcoming adventures. Families new to the camp experience are encouraged to call the Camp Fire office and speak to me about all of the awesome activities we offer at Camp Fire.

For Camp K’s session dates, rates, and more: Click Here!

10 Reasons to Choose Camp Fire Before & After School

While it’s true that we’re leaping to start our summer camp season, Camp Fire’s heart and soul is our Before and After School Program. While you’re registering your child for their Best! Summer! Ever! take a minute to roll in their school-year registration too.

On the fence, or just new to our programs? Take a look at the video below for a glimpse of what’s going on!

Support youth and Camp Fire Alaska through Pick.Click.Give.

Making a donation through Pick.Click.Give is an easy and fun way to support your community. It is also a great way to instill family values by helping your children to select causes that matter to them. When you support Camp Fire Alaska through Pick.Click.Give, you are helping Alaska’s youth discover the best in themselves, others, and the beautiful natural world around them. Click here to apply for your PFD and make a donation: P.S. If you have already filed, you can still go in and add a donation!

Winter Break Camp!

“I learned how to build a fire and how to make friends that last a lifetime.” 
— Katie, former camper and current board member.
Experiences last a lifetime. Winter Break registration is open – sign up your kids today! REGISTER

Lights on Afterschool 2018

Last week Camp Fire communities across the country celebrated Lights on After School, an event to recognize and promote the value of out-of-school time programs to our youth.

Stay tuned for more photos and stories from the event! 





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