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Thursday morning we had over 500 supporters—plus the Denali Camp Fire Choir—attend our annual breakfast fundraiser. It’s easy to join them by showing your support. Every dollar counts, every gift is important. With your help, we can continue to offer affordable programs that are accessible to everyone. Give to Camp Fire today. Click here to donate.

Staying Healthy During Cold Season

It’s cold season! In addition to sneaking leafy greens on your child’s plate, there are a few other things you can do to help them stay healthy. Click here ( to review 7 tips on how to keep kids healthy, and consider taking advantage of the free flu shots provided around town, and even within the school district!

Talking to Kids About Mistakes and Failure

Mistakes and failure are never fun, and they can be especially painful for a child. It’s important to remember that every mistake is an opportunity to learn, but shaping children’s perception of failure can be an unusually challenging quandary. As some social scientists have pointed out, “It is possible that adults’ attempts to comfort children may hinder the learning process by influencing the extent to which children attend to and make sense of their mistakes.”

In other words, instead of immediately trying to help a child feel better about their mistake, it is instead more beneficial to congratulate them on taking that risk in the first place. Encourage them to pay more attention to their past mistakes, rather than excusing them for making it. To read more:, click here.

Top Ten Signs It’s Fall

What are your kids doing before and after school? It’s not too late to sign up for Camp Fire—some sites still have space, but don’t wait or you’ll miss all the fun!


Register for October’s In-Service and Conference Days

Camp Fire will be hosting programs on October 20th, and 25th-27th during in-service and conference days. Conference Day Programs on October 25 & 26 are offered at your regular site. In-Service Day Programs on October 20 & 27 are offered at five host sites. Please refer to the chart below to determine your site location. Both full and half days must be registered for in advance and separately from your regular plan. Please click here to register.

Registration is currently open for the entire 2017-2018 school year, including all scheduled school closure days. Don’t shy away from registering for Spring Break! Space is limited.



To determine your October In-Service Site: Find your child’s Camp Fire site in the right column. Their October in-service site will be listed immediately to the right.

To read more about Camp Fire’s Scheduled School Closure Program, including program rates and other enrollment details, click here.

For additional questions, please contact our main office at (907) 279 – 3551.

10 Reasons to Choose Camp Fire Before & After School

Planning Ahead: How After-School Programs Save Billions

Two weeks into the new school year, Camp Fire Alaska has embraced the fall weather to do some reading ourselves – did you know that nationally, after-school programs are projected to help save $20 billion over the course of a generation’s lifetime? Teaching good mental and physical health habits can go a long way! Read here.

Welcome Back!

It’s been smooth sailing for Camp Fire programs this fall! We’ve kicked off the new year with tons of games, learning activities, and new friendships. Some sites still have space, so if your family is considering Camp Fire – register now! Even if your program has already filled, we encourage you to reserve a space on the wait list. This comes with no financial commitment and enrollment often shifts as participating families adjust their schedules. To register, click here

Benefits of Before & After School Program

Camp Fire Alaska’s Before and After School programs have been serving youth and families for close to forty years.  These programs are designed to help youth grow and find their spark while also providing support for working parents.  Our professional staff recognize that each child is a unique person with individual learning styles, interests and developmental needs. If you have a couple of minutes, we encourage you to read this article to learn more about how your child can benefit, and get tips on how to choose an after-school program. 

Before and After School Program: Frequently Asked Questions



Morning Program: Begins at 7am and ends at 8:50am (or 10 minutes before the first bell). Program includes breakfast, quiet activities, free play, and gym activities.

Afternoon Program: Begins right after school and ends at 6pm (6:30 in Eagle River). Program includes a snack, small and large group activities, free play, quiet time, gym activities, and outside time. Here’s a typical afternoon program schedule–

School dismissal: Sign-in / Choice / Outside or Gym Time

4:00—4:30: Snack / Circle Time
4:30—5:15: Group Activity or Interest Centers & Clean up
5:15—6:00: Free Play or Quiet Time until parent pick up
*Eagle River programs close at 6:30 p.m.

Breakfast/Snacks: Every day we offer breakfast at all before-school programs and a nutritious snack each afternoon at all after-school programs. Breakfast and snacks provided meet the USDA food program requirements.

Outdoor Time: We go outside every day, weather permitting (we follow ASD weather policies).

Field Trips: Children have the opportunity to participate in field trips periodically throughout the year.

Clean-up: Camp Fire helps children gain respect for their environment by expecting them to participate in clean-up activities.



What is SAP?
Camp Fire Alaska’s School-Age Program (SAP) is Alaska’s largest licensed youth development provider. Licensing is provided through the Municipality of Anchorage, Department of Health and Human Services Child Care office. Camp Fire is a not-for-profit youth development organization offering out-of-school opportunities for elementary school-age children to grow, develop new skills, and help youth find the best in themselves and others.

Can I drop off my child early or pick them up late?
Morning programs begin at 7am and afternoon programs end at 6pm (6:30pm in Eagle River/Homestead). We do not offer care outside of these times.

What if I can’t pick up my child on time?
If you are going to be late picking your child up (after 6pm in Anchorage or after 6:30 in Eagle River), please call your site and let the site director know when you expect to be there. Please be aware that a late charge of $10 per child /per quarter hour applies if the child is not picked up by designated closing time.

What happens when my child is absent?
The registering parent/adult must notify staff of their child’s absence by calling the program before or during program hours. Please leave a voicemail message if we don’t answer the phone. Here is a list of all our on-site phone numbers.

What if my child has tutoring or an extra-curricular activity after school?
Please speak with your Site Director and complete an Authorization to Participate in Extra Curricular Activities form that can be obtained and completed on site. On the day of the activity, please remind your child they should come to Camp Fire and check in before heading to their activity. Children ages 5-6 must be escorted between the school’s extra-curricular activity and Camp Fire, as per licensing requirements.

What if school is closed because of weather?
Local radio and television stations will announce if Camp Fire programs are open, sometimes referring to our program as an “Essential Service” rather than by name. A text message will be sent to families who have opted to receive this announcement. If you would like to opt in to text message notifications after registration, please log into your account and update your text notification status.

Families may also view closures:; Camp Fire’s Facebook page; ASD Channel 14; after 7am, families may contact the Camp Fire office at 279-3551. Note: Depending on the severity of the weather, for the safety of our staff and participants, the program may not open at all.

How do I change or cancel my registration?
If you wish to change or cancel your child’s enrollment, you must inform us in writing by the 15th of the month prior to when the change will take effect. Please fax a signed letter explaining your request to: 278-9829 or email us at There are no credits or refunds for non-attendance on any contracted days,

What if I can’t afford Camp Fire?
Scholarships are available. Call us or click here for more information.

What if my child has special needs?
We are generally able to accommodate most children, but reserve the right to make determinations on a case-by-case basis. Please give us a call to discuss your child’s needs.

Can I call or text my child?
Camp Fire does not allow any electronic devices during program time. Please have your child leave these items at home or in a backpack.

Can I visit my child or the program site?
We welcome and encourage parent visits to the program at any time, and we encourage families to talk with staff regarding their child’s participation. If there are any questions or concerns, please talk to the Site Director or contact the Program Manager at the Camp Fire office at 279-3551. Camp Fire does not allow unregistered friends of participants in the program and all visitors are required to check in.



What about the staff?
Camp staff are carefully screened to ensure that they 1) love and respect the needs of children and know how to have fun 2) have first aid, CPR, and other appropriate certifications and 3) are prepared for the unique demands of a childcare setting. Our staff are often college students who are studying education, psychology, sociology, recreation or other youth development related fields.

What training do staff have?
Trained staff members supervise programs under the direction of the Site Director. Camp Fire staff receive a minimum of 24 hours of training each year; in addition, they maintain Community CPR and Standard First-Aid Certification.

How many staff members do you have at programs?
As per licensing standards, a minimum ratio of one staff member to ten children (1:10) is maintained at all times. Volunteers and/or Program Aides may work with children occasionally, but are not included in ratio. In addition to maintaining a 1:10 ratio, your child is assigned to a program staff person—or primary caregiver—who will check in with each child on a daily basis. If you have questions about activities or experiences, please feel free to check in with the primary caregiver and Site Director.



What happens if there is an emergency situation?
In the event of an emergency, Camp Fire staff will follow our emergency procedures and will keep your child safe until you can pick them up. Camp Fire will attempt to contact parents by phone and/or text message if the situation warrants it, but parents should also check Facebook, our website, and email accounts for communication about the situation and instructions on where and when to pick their child up. If you do not hear from Camp Fire, the event has not disrupted our ability to provide a fun and safe learning environment, and you can plan to pick your child up as usual.

What happens if my child is injured?
Camp Fire staff will inform the registering parent/adult of any injuries that occur during program hours. Staff will contact the registering parent/adult in the event of a non-serious injury that requires medical care. Staff will appropriately care for the child until an adult can pick them up. If any injury requires medical attention, parents are to send all requests for reimbursement and bills to the Administration Manager at the Camp Fire office: 257-8824  or

Camp Fire Alaska carries Limited Accident Insurance, which covers all participants in the School Age Programs with a limit of $8,000 per incident. Treatment must begin within 30 days of the incident and the insurance covers claims received within 52 weeks from the date of the incident. Camp Fire Alaska also carries General Liability Insurance with a $1,000,000 limit and an umbrella policy with an additional $3,000,000 limit; for a total coverage of $4,000,000.

When should I keep my child home/When will my child be sent home due to illness?
Camp Fire staff will notify the registering parent/adult immediately if their child becomes ill. An adult must pick up the child as soon as possible. Staff will call the Emergency Contact(s) if they cannot reach the registering parent/adult. Symptoms to keep/send your child home:
• Severe pain or discomfort particularly in joints, ears, or abdomen
• Two or more episodes of acute vomiting or diarrhea within 24 hours
• Severe cough or sore throat
• Oral or axillary temperature of 101.5 degrees F or more
• Yellow skin or eyes
• Red eyes with discharge
• Infected, untreated skin patches or lesions
• Difficult or rapid breathing
• Severe itching of body or scalp
• Skin rashes lasting more than one day
• Swollen joints
• Visibly enlarged lymph nodes
• Stiff neck
• Blood or pus from ear, skin, urine or stool
• Unusual behavior for the child characterized by no playing, confusion, inconsolable crying
• Loss of appetite characterized by refusing all solids


Have a question not listed here? Please refer to our parent handbook (link to SAP handbook)
or call the main office at 279-3551, between 8am– 5pm, Monday through Friday.