Summer Adventure Camp Staff jump into summer!



We had such a great summer and we hope you did too! It was so nice to bring back Camp K and, after a year delay, get to have our first season of Halibut Cove Expedition Camp. This summer, we really reflected on what camp means to us and our campers. Camp is an experience that brings out joy, connects people, builds confidence, and creates everlasting memories. There is no doubt there was any lack of that this year!


Though we struggled through staffing shortages, we made it through. Every session of each camp was full all summer long! The staff who stuck with our campers really made this summer happen. We are so grateful to them and their commitment to creating the **Camp Magic** that kids return to Camp Fire every year to experience. Our summer counselors have AMAZING talent working with youth. They are supportive of ALL youth and give them the encouragement they need to try new things while also creating a safe space for them to do so. In 2021, 690 youth discovered their sparks and connected with nature through Camp Fire Alaska summer programs!

Moments from Camp Si-La-Meo

Moments from Camp K

Moments from Summer Adventure Camp

Out of those youth, 92 were awarded Camp Fire Alaska Camperships and 238 received other funding through various partnerships to help their families send them to camp. At Camp Fire, we recognize that summer camp is a privilege that not all can afford, but we believe that all kids deserve to experience **Camp Magic**. Thank you to all of the generous individuals and groups who donated to our Campership Fund to support this vision and belief.

Camp K Staff excited to be back on Kenai Lake

Camp Si-La-Meo Staff in their BRIGHT summer shirts ready to take on the outdoors!

We received feedback from families about how we could improve our summer programs next year, and we will be applying what we’ve heard to our planning for 2022. WE HEAR YOU AND WE ARE LISTENING! Gaga Galore seemed to be one of the most popular sessions and everyone is ready to get back into rock climbing and swimming at Camp Si-La-Meo—hopefully we will be able to bring those activities back in 2022! We can’t wait to see and welcome your child at camp again next summer, whether they are going to Summer Adventure Camp, Camp K, or Camp Si-La-Meo.


Summer Registration for 2022 will open in JANUARY! Mark your calendars.


We would like to thank ConocoPhillips Alaska for their support of our summer marketing efforts.