*Alcohol & Drug Treatment

AKEELA, Inc.                                                                                                Phone Number (907) 562 – 1200
360 West Benson, Suite 300                                                                                 Toll-free: 1-800-478-7738
Anchorage, Alaska 99503                                                                                                       www.akeela.org

AKEELA offers many different services in the Anchorage area.  They organize a Recovery Center, outpatient program, assessment center, transitional housing, family programming, women and families program, OCS case management program, and family care court.  They also offer Domestic Violence Counseling and advocacy, vocational counseling, and parenting advice.

Alaska Human Services, Inc.                                                                   Phone Number (907) 762 – 5959
750 East Fireweed Lane                                                                                            Toll Free (888) 409-0203
Anchorage AK, 99503                                                                                   www.alaskahumanservices.com

The concentrate on many areas these include; individual alcohol abuse treatment, individual drug abuse treatment, court evaluation, and cognitive/brief therapy

Alcoholic Anonymous                                                                                AA 24 Hour Hotline (907) 272-2312
Emerald Bldg.                                                                                                                        Office (907) 272-2312
615 East 82nd Ave. – room #B8                                                                                      www.anchorageaa.org
Anchorage, AK 99518
Mon-Sat 10AM-3PM
Closed on holidays

Al-Anon and Alateen                                                                                       Anchorage Phone: 907-276-6646
Book Store: 4105 Turnagain Blvd. Suite #D-1                                                  Mat Su Hot line: 907-357-2550
Anchorage, AK 99517                                                                                                             www.al-anon-ak.org

They offer counseling for families and friends of alcoholics

The Salvation Army                                                                                          Phone number (907) 276 – 2898
Clitheroe Center                                                                                                  www.1.usw.salvationarmy.org
1709 Bragaw Street, Suite #B
Anchorage, AK 99508
Mon – Thur 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Fri 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

We provide professional and affordable treatment services to adults who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs. Programs at Clitheroe include a detox unit and residential services for men and women including a dual-diagnosis treatment program for individuals with mental health issues and assessments

The Salvation Army

Adult Rehabilitation Program                                                                   Phone Number (907) 562 – 5408
660. E. 48t Ave                                                                                                       www.1.usw.salvationarmy.org
Anchorage, AK 99503

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Program in Alaska provides housing, counseling, life skills education, spiritual development and work therapy for men ages 21-65 who are struggling to overcome challenges and difficult circumstances resulting from the effect of substance abuse.


Cook Inlet Tribal Council                                                                Phone Number (907) 793-3600
3600 San Jeronimo Drive                                                                                      Toll Free 1 (877) 985 – 5900
Anchorage, AK 99508                                                                                                                              www.cici.com

 CITC offers outpatient treatments, residential programs, and intervention to eligible Alaskan Natives.  Patient must be a registered native

Homeward Bound                                                                                                               Phone:  (907) 279-7535
120 N. Hoyt St.                                                                                                                               www.ruralcap.com
Anchorage, AK 99508

Homeward Bound is a Housing First, self-paced alcohol management program for chronically homeless individuals that began in 1997. The Homeward Bound program is a 25-bed transitional living facility located in Mountain View which houses individuals interested in seeking a way out of homelessness.

North Star Behavior Health                                                                         Phone number (907) 258 – 7575
2530 Debar Road                                                                                                                  www.northstarbehavioral.com
Anchorage, AK 99508

When a young person needs more intensive care, North Star’s locations in Southcentral Alaska provide a full range of services. Based on the seriousness of the situation, some children come to the hospital for intensive short-term treatment to begin the healing process then return home, while others need the stability of longer-term residential treatment program to learn the skills needed for emotional and social stability and security.

Volunteers of America                                                                                  Phone Number (907) 279 – 9634
1675 C Street #201                                                                                                                           www.voaak.org

Anchorage, AK 99501

Volunteers of America offers many services dedicated to the relief of human suffering and advancement of social justice.  They offer
Adolescent Substance Abuse and chemical dependency treatment
Substance abuse prevention
Restorative Justice Services
Retired and Senior Volunteer Program
Scholastic Books Giveaway project
Communities mobilizing for Change on Alcohol (CMCA)