*Alaska Wildlife Safety

The Do’s and Don’ts of Bear Safety


Report bears that are around people or get into garbage
Hike in groups and make lots of noise so you don’t surprise a bear
Keep a clean camping spot
Learn more about bears



Never feed bears
Never get too close to bears
Never explore bad smelling areas

If you ever see a bear at campsite or near your home,

  1. Move slowly towards the closest, safe place.
  2. Go inside a car, building, or with a group of people standing together.
  3. Never run from a bear, like a dog it may chase you.


  1. If you’re hiking, move closer to your friend.The bear may come closer, it might stand up right to get a better look or circle around you to get you’re sent.
  1. Wave your arms slowly and talk calmly to the bear to help it figure out what you are!
  2. Then, leave slowly, staying close to your friend, always facing the bear
  3. If the bear follows you, stop moving and call for help.




Moose Safety

Moose is the world’s largest member of the deer family, and are a very common wild animal in Anchorage.  Moose are not normally aggressive, but can become very aggressive during certain times of year.  During the winter month’s moose usually become irritable because of the stress from weather conditions, and also traffic conditions.

Safety tips

  1. If a moose charges, get behind a tree trunk.  If it had knocked you down, curl up into a ball, protect your head with your arms, and lie still.  Do not move until the moose is a safe distance away or it may attack you again.
  2. The most important safety precaution is to slow down on the road, to avoid hitting the large wildlifeA vehicle- moose collision is dangerous to both humans and moose alike. 
  3. Do not feed the moose, it is illegal.  Feeding them may encourage them to follow young children walking to school asking for a handout.  This can become tragic for the moose, because law officials may have to put the moose down for public safety.  By feeding a moose, you are likely contributing to its death.
  4. Do not approach moose.  Especially calves, because momma moose is not too far away, and the situation can become dangerous.
  5. If for any reason you have to get close to a moose, always maintain an escape route.