How often do we stop to tell the kids and teens in our lives how incredible they are? Tell them what impressive qualities we observe in them? Applaud who they are as a person and not just the good things they do? Founded by Camp Fire in 1997, Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® (AIKD) is a national holiday that lifts up the young people in our lives.


Join millions of people every year – on the third Thursday of March (3/18/21). Send notes, emails, letters, texts, and videos (you choose!) to encourage and inspire young people across the country. The medium doesn’t matter, but the message does: “You are incredible, and here’s why.” The following story is an example of how impactful these written messages are on kids as they grow into adults:


The written word has always been significant in my family. My dad served in the Army, and when he was away for extended times, he would send individual letters to my siblings and me—checking-in, wishing us well and making my young heart burst with pride, excitement and love. I tucked those notes in an old shortbread tin container—they were my treasure. When I traveled to Europe for a school trip, my mom bundled notes for me to read on different days. What was first a simple, “have a great time, sweetheart,” magically evolved into advice, comfort and care at serendipitous moments. “Be safe.” “Be patient.” “You’ll be home soon, don’t let the homesickness take away from this glorious adventure.” Luckily, I have a mama that understands me.

As years passed and my brother, sister and I learned how to push one another’s buttons, building character as we like to joke, it was not uncommon to find notes of apology and sentiments of support left in each other’s rooms. “You’re beautiful.” “I’m sorry I broke your CD player.” “I’m proud of you- you were amazing on the football field this weekend.” “I didn’t mean to say what I said last night. Please, forgive me.” And, now as we are farther apart, “I miss you.”

I have found immense joy in writing letters of gratitude to dear friends and even respected and admired colleagues. My husband has certainly experienced my affinity for silly notes and gratefully, he has found a way to sneak hand-written messages to me over the years, too. I look forward to all the notes and letters I will write for our daughter—because pausing to take a pen to paper and writing your thoughts and hopes and appreciation for another person is a gift, for both the writer and the recipient.

I’m very lucky to have many kids in my life that I adore and feel honored to be watching grow up. They are INCREDIBLE to me. I hope you will join Camp Fire Alaska and me in this awesome experience. On Thursday, March 18, send letters to all the kids in your life that are Absolutely Incredible! It will make everyone involved smile—I promise!


-Camp Fire Alaska Board Member,

Jennifer Rose of ConocoPhillips

Your words are powerful—young lives are changed by this day and simple acts of

your encouragement, love, and kindness. Will you join us? Inspire, encourage, and uplift a kid. Check out these resources to help you get started!

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