Camp Fire Alaska | Light the Fire Within

theresaTheresa Rinehart

School Age Program Operations Director


Theresa has been with Camp Fire for 4 years, and is one of the Directors of School Age Programs/Operations.  She works with the Municipality of Anchorage to keep all sites compliant with Licensing, partners with ASD to help maintain our sites, and works with other external partners like United Way, CIHA, Project Access and more, that help drive our programs at site level.
Theresa has lived in Anchorage for over 35 years. She was the owner/director of her own dance studio for 18 years teaching youth from 2 years through high school where the program taught ballet, tap, jazz, creative movement, and hip hop. She worked for the Anchorage School District in their pre-school and school-aged special education programs before joining Camp Fire in December 2018. Theresa continues to teach dance to youth between the ages of two and eight, and says that her favorite thing in life is her dipnet and raising bees in the summer.