Camp Fire Alaska | Light the Fire Within

Anne Geuss

Rural Program Director


Born and raised in Alaska, Anne returned after earning an M.S. Education: Policy, Administration and Leadership with a focus on ecology and culture, and is committed to serving Alaska’s rural Native youth and families. Anne started with Camp Fire’s School Age Program as Site Director at Trailside Elementary prior to the pandemic.

Anne enjoyed spending 2 summers out in the field as a lead travel staff for the rural program in 2018 and 2019, and continued to be involved with the program as a Support Specialist through the years of program adaptations in response to the pandemic. Throughout her time with Camp Fire she has continued her education with UAF’s school of counseling and was honored to accept the position of our Rural Program Director knowing the role will well utilize her culminating skills, education and experience whilst aligning with her personal and professional values and aspirations. She is incredibly passionate about our Rural Program and welcomes questions or conversations about it anytime!