Leader-in-Training Program


The Leader-in-Training Program (LIT) is built on a belief in
Camp Fire Alaska’s promise:

Young people want to shape the world.
Camp Fire provides the opportunity to
find their spark, lift their voice,
and discover who they are.
In Camp Fire, it begins now.

Light the fire within

2016 LIT Dates: July 6-29

Overview:  Looking for a new adventure?  Want to develop your leadership skills?  Interested in having fun while building meaningful 21st Century employment skills?  As a Leader-in-Training, you will go beyond experiencing camp activities to learning how to share what you love with younger campers. Through a series of structured and sequential challenges, LITs work to improve their leadership, communication, planning, problem-solving, collaboration, productivity, and conflict resolution skills.  To build your grit and resiliency, what we call a Growth Mindset, LITs are challenged each day, given opportunities to lead on their own, and are provided with a space to succeed (and fail) in a safe and supportive environment.

Being an LIT will require four essential commitments:

  1. Strong interest in growing your 21st Century Skills. Please read a list of these skills here.
  2. Desire to better understand your strengths, your passions, and your voice as a leader.
  3. Willingness to “practice failing” with a mindset towards learning.
  4. Enthusiasm for team and community building in an environment where you rely on others, hold others accountable, and providing peer-to-peer feedback.

038 cropEligibility:  LIT candidates must be 16 or 17 years old by June 1st. You must have successfully completed the online application process and presented your project to camp leadership.  If you are unable to complete the full program in its entirety, you should specify this during the application process.

Expectations:  This  intense program is built on multiple and planned-for experiences.  Camp Fire expects LITs to be eager learners who are willing to participate in a focused, caring, and impactful way. You should expect to be challenged, to stretch comfort zones, and to act as positive role models for campers, exemplifying the Camp Fire Promise, Vision, Mission and Values.


Application Process:

  • Decide if you are interested in becoming a Camp Fire Leader-in-Training by reading this whole page, including list of 21st Century Skills.
  • Understand the Submission Guidelines outlined on the application page.
  • Imagine your unique and creative submission.
  • Fill out online application, clearly describing your submission proposal:
    – Make sure to offer an explanation if you are unable to complete the whole program in its entirety.
    – Make sure to indicate when you would be ready to present this to camp leadership.
  • Submit the form online and wait to be contacted.
  • Once contacted, make a date to present your project to Camp Fire leadership staff.
  • Hear back about decision.
  • Family registers you as a LIT youth participant.

Additional Details:

  • LITs, as campers, will be supervised. Camp leadership staff will be assigned to oversee the LIT program, and will coordinate LIT assignments through the camp community, and act as their liaison with counselors.
  • LITs must complete a health history form that will be made available to them.
  • LITs may be transported during camp sessions only in Camp Fire-approved vehicles, with approved drivers.
  • Failure to follow policies and procedures, including acting as an appropriate role model, will result in their removal from the program, with the parent/guardian responsible for transportation of camper from the camp or council property.