Camp Si-La-Meo


Camp Si-La-Meo is a day-camp for youth ages 5–13, with one Teen Trek Session for 13-15 year olds. This outdoor camp is located on the campus of Alaska Pacific University which provides the perfect setting for campers to experience nature, participate in outdoor activities and discover new interests. Campers are organized into small groups by age, and activities are designed to fit each group’s physical, mental, and social ability levels.

Camp Si-La- Meo has received accreditation from the American Camp Association for 38 consecutive years, a reflection of Camp Fire’s commitment to providing youth with healthy, developmentally appropriate activities and learning experiences in a fun, safe summer camp community.

Weekly sessions from June to August. Please note, Si-La-Meo will be closed the week of July 4th. Camp runs Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Costs (updated for 2018):
for regular weekly sessions
$50 annual registration fee, per child and a $35 per session deposit 
Horseback Riding Add-On for Ages 9+: $95
Special Feature! Si-La-Meo Teen Trek: $300

Scholarships are available.

What will your camper do at camp? Check out this list of activities!

slm swimSwimming (All ages)
Daily swim lessons and fun pool activities are provided for campers of all swim levels. Activities are planned by a certified swimming instructor, and certified lifeguards are on duty at all times. New this year! 5-year-old campers (Caterpillars) will swim daily!
slm boatingBoating (All ages)
All campers participate in recreational boating as they explore University Lake in canoes and kayaks. They receive orientation in safety and paddling and are guided by certified lifeguards.
slm archeryArchery (All ages)
Archery instruction is provided by a certified specialist at the camp’s shooting range. Campers learn about the bow and arrow, safety, and shooting techniques. Target shooting provides campers with great opportunities for skill progression.
slm outdoorOutdoor Living Skills (All ages)
Most of the day at camp is spent outside, which naturally provides opportunities for youth to explore the natural world around them. Counselors lead campers in skill building activities that include building fires, outdoor cooking, shelter making, wildlife safety and Leave No Trace principles.
slm teamTeam Building (All ages)
Team building activities encourage leadership and communication skills, and challenge campers to step out of their comfort zone as they learn to trust themselves and those around them.
slm artsCreative Arts (All ages)
Throughout camp’s daily activities campers will participate in a range of creative arts such as drama, songs, dance, and creative arts & crafts.
slm hikingHiking (All ages)
Campers explore on-site and off-site hiking trails as they engage in nature activities and learn about Leave No Trace principles. Hikes are intentionally designed to meet the physical abilities of each age group.
slm rockwallRock Wall Climbing (Ages 8+)
APU’s rock climbing wall provides the perfect opportunity for youth to learn the basics of climbing, repelling and bouldering. Belay-certified counselors are on hand to support campers and ensure a fun and safe climbing experience.
slm rifleRiflery (Ages 9+)
Once campers have had the opportunity to learn basic shooting skills and safety procedures through archery, they may progress to shooting air rifles. Riflery instruction is provided by an experienced specialist using Civilian Marksmanship Program guidelines.
slm horseTrail Rides (Ages 9+)
Campers have the opportunity (for an additional fee) to add a trail ride experience to their camp adventure. This is an off-camp activity where campers take a bus to the Alaska Horse Adventures Ranch in Palmer on Monday from 11:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. These trail rides are led by experienced riding instructors. Campers learn how to guide and direct the horse along with other horsemanship skills.

Si-La-Meo Teen Trek (ages 13-15)

slmteentrekWith Camp Si-La-Meo as their base, Teen Trek campers set out each day for off-site adventures that take them into Alaska’s beautiful natural world. Each day is full of activities that build outdoor living skills and develop team and leadership abilities. On Thursday, campers work as a team to plan, prep and pack for an overnight camping experience that will return to Camp Si-La-Meo on Friday afternoon.

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