Community Centers

Camp Fire’s Community Center programs provide safe and nurturing environments for nearly 100 youth daily from low-income neighborhoods, at no cost to families. They are located in the Anchorage neighborhoods of Loussac Place, Mountain View and West Fairview.

Just like our before and after school programs, community centers  offer youth  challenging activities and learning experiences that promote making healthy life choices, and focus on establishing caring, mentoring, adult relationships while nurturing their social and emotional growth. The extra enrichment time before and after school offered by community center programs has been shown to help enhance the lives of students who may have less access to books or enrichment at home. Research has also shown that quality after-school programs can improve school attendance by nurturing a sense of belonging, creating a connection to caring adults, and providing academic enrichment, which combine to make children more likely to go to school.

“When I see the students at Camp Fire in the morning, I see smiling faces. They’re at ease, they don’t look stressed at all and they’re enjoying being here. That’s what I love.”
– John Kito, Principal at Tyson Elementary



Denali Elementary
This program is integrated with an existing licensed program at the school and provides the youth of the West Fairview neighborhood with both a morning and afternoon program.

020Tyson Elementary
This morning program provides a safe, consistent and engaging before school environment for students of this Mountain View neighborhood school.  An ongoing successful working relationship with Tyson Elementary school staff has helped ensure that Tyson youth start their day off ready to learn each and every morning.

Loussac Place Program 
Thanks to a partnership with Cook Inlet Housing Authority,  Camp Fire has a beautiful program space in this newly built mixed-income neighborhood, enabling Camp Fire to provide after-school care and summer programming to children and youth in this community.

The Centers Programs are non-fee based and are funded in part by a grant from the Municipality of Anchorage, and with support from key partners including the Anchorage School District,  BP, ConocoPhillips, Cook Inlet Housing Authority, Cook Inlet Regional Corporation, Northrim Bank, United Way of Anchorage and Wells Fargo.  Additional support is provided by many, many individuals in the community. Our funders and partners understand that investing in the health and safety of all young people by providing extended learning opportunities will help close the achievement gap and prepare our young people to become thriving, contributing adults.


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