Program Details

In our program, youth have the opportunity to participate in the planning and decision making.  Gym games, cooking, arts, crafts, creative drama, music, sports, field trips, physical and natural science and outdoor skills provide youth with a variety of developmentally appropriate activities.

Our daily schedule generally looks like this:

Morning Program

Children may engage in quiet activities, free play, or gym activities and are offered breakfast before they leave for their classrooms.

Afternoon Program

Camp Fire offers a variety of experiences and opportunities for children during their time in the program. Children often have freedom to engage in an activity of their choice. Activities and special events reflect and incorporate the diverse cultures of our community.

Here’s a sample afternoon schedule:

3:30-4:00: Check in/outside free play (Children must check-in with Camp Fire staff each afternoon. If a child is expected but does not check in to Camp Fire, our staff will contact their parent or guardian to establish their whereabouts).

4:00-4:30: Snack/small group activity

4:30-5:15: Group Activity or Interest Centers

5:15-6:00: Free Play or Quiet Time until check out (To keep our participants safe, we require the registering parent/adult to sign their child out of the program daily.)

Outdoor Time

Weather permitting, children go outside every day. Outdoor play provides fresh air, exercise and a chance to engage with nature.

Group Time

Children engage within small groups and a staff person on a wide variety of program activities. Activities reflect the age, needs and interests of the children in the group. Examples?

Interest Centers

Interest centers provide children with the opportunity to explore a specific topic or theme. Examples?


Children have the opportunity to participate in field trips periodically throughout the program year.

Free play/Quiet time

Children have time each day to participate in activities of their choice such as table games, arts, crafts, reading or gym games.

Movie Viewing

Movie viewing is sometimes a part of the program, but not  more than twice a month and not longer than one and a half hours (unless it is educational in nature), and they are always rated G and selected especially for children.  Television viewing is not provided in the program.


We offer breakfast daily at all before-school sites and a nutritious snack each afternoon at all after-school sites. Breakfast and snacks provided meet the USDA food program requirements and Camp Fire is an equal opportunity provider.


Camp Fire helps children gain respect for their environment by expecting them to participate in clean up.