Rural Program Staff Job Description

Purpose:  Within the Camp Fire Youth Development framework, to encourage the growth of leadership skills in youth and adolescents in Rural Alaska through the implementation of community events, outdoor recreation, and healthy life activities that stress the importance of competence, stewardship and joy with the natural world.


Supervision Received:   Rural Program Coordinator via phone calls weekly

Supervision Given:        None, except to youth.


Essential Functions:

Positive Relationships:

  • Communicate effectively with all people
  • Work productively as a member of a team
  • Accept professionally the guidance and supervision of the council
  • Work comfortably and well with all children


Being a Member of the Council

  • Embrace and promote the mission, purpose, values, and vision of the Council
  • Promote adherence to all policies of the Council
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude towards children and the Council
  • Be accountable by being on time, producing promised work and following through


Minimum Qualifications

  • Two years’ experience working with youth related programs
  • B.A. in community development, outdoor recreation, youth development or other related fields
  • Current CPR and First Aid; Lifeguard Certification preferred, may be required
  • Desire to live and work with diverse cultural populations
  • Ability to co-manage in extremely remote areas
  • Ability to be extremely flexible and adaptive
  • 21years of age


Specific Job Responsibilities

(Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to these examples)

  • Work under the guidance of senior program staff to develop and implement quality programs using current youth development and best practice principles
  • Maintain Camp Fire Alaska Council standards
  • Provide safe and fun activities that allow youth to learn, grow and thrive in their natural setting
  • Work under the guidance of senior program staff to develop programs around the needs, desires, conditions and the participant’s skill level in each community
  • Support senior staff in emergency situations as necessary.
  • Support team members and volunteers, as assigned
  • Maintain program and living facility and equipment in excellent condition
  • Create and maintain positive community relations in the communities
  • Act as a positive adult role model by displaying appropriate adult behaviors
  • Facilitate a variety of summer camp activities, including outdoor education, cold water safety and swimming, creative arts, teambuilding, and healthy life choices to youth and teens
  • Facilitate community events to foster relationships among youth, families, elders and community partners



Each staff member is expected to understand, support and implement the following principles in their daily accountabilities:



Council Vision:  Camp Fire Alaska Council develops young people’s potential to become responsible adult citizens with a positive self-image.


Council Promise:  Young people want to shape the world. Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are. In Camp Fire, it begins now. Light the fire within.


Purpose:  The purpose of Camp Fire is to provide, through a program of informal education, opportunities for youth to realize their potential and to function as caring, self-directed individuals responsible to themselves and to others: and as an organization, to seek to improve those conditions in society which affect youth.


Philosophy: To achieve this purpose, Camp Fire Alaska working with individuals, communities and society as a whole, shall encourage:

  • The development and preservation of spiritual and ethical values,
  • the realization of the dignity and worth of each individual,
  • the elimination of human barriers based on the assumptions that pre-judge individuals,
  • the practices of responsible citizenship exemplifying the highest standards of a free and democratic society,
  • the wise use of human and natural resources, and shall:
    • · provide renewal and adventure,
    • · develop sensitivity in human relationships, initiative and self-reliance, a positive understanding and appreciation of the environment,
    • · develop skills in an outdoor setting, and
    • · search for and maintain optimum health.



Council Values:  Camp Fire Alaska Council makes these commitments to Alaska’s youth and families, the communities we serve, our staff and to each other:

  • Camp Fire builds caring relationships.
  • Camp Fire provides Alaska’s youth with positive experiences which promote healthy life choices.
  • Camp Fire embraces diversity and inclusiveness in all of its endeavors.
  • Camp Fire provides outdoor programs which foster competence, stewardship and joy with the natural world.
  • Camp Fire strives towards excellence through innovation.
  • Camp Fire operates quality programs which reflect best practices.
  • Camp Fire acts as a trustworthy organization that ensures experiences which are safe, secure and dependable.



Culture of the Agency

Employment with the Council should be mutually satisfactory.  Employees are expected to communicate effectively in a respectful manner and to represent Camp Fire Alaska Council positively at all times.


 (If you experience any difficulties using our online application system, please call 907-257-8805 for assistance) 

Camp Fire Alaska is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer