Camp K on Kenai Lake Leader in Training Program

The Camp K on Kenai Lake Leader in Training Program is based on the Camp Fire promise:litpaint

Young people want to shape the world.
Camp Fire provides the opportunity to
find their spark, lift their voice,
and discover who they are.
In Camp Fire, it begins now.

Light the fire within


Leader In Training:  Looking for a new adventure?  Want to develop your leadership skills?  Interested in working at Camp K on Kenai Lake in the future?  As a Leader in Training, you will go beyond experiencing camp to learning how to share what you love with younger campers.  You’ll get a chance to experience all of your favorite activities (primitive camping, outdoor cooking, hiking, singing, games, water sports, arts & crafts, and target sports) with a new twist, as you learn to refine your skills and teach those skills effectively to others. Be challenged by teambuilding and plan your own program for the camp.  Through direct experiences, participants will gain valuable skills in leadership, communication, and community development, all important skills necessary for success in their future academic and employment pursuits.   This experience will be shared with other eager teens who are seeking to gain these opportunities.

Eligibility:  Candidates for the Leader in Training program must be 16 or 17 years old by June 1st and have successfully completed one year as a camper at Camp K on Kenai Lake (or other acceptable experience). This intense opportunity is intended as a cumulative two-year program (for 16-year-olds), or a more intense one-year program for 17-year-olds, and should only be considered by applicants who have a desire to refine their leadership and communication skills, and/or an interest in working at Camp K on Kenai Lake in the future.

Expectations:  LITs are expected to participate as eager learners, and act as positive role models for campers, exemplifying the Camp Fire Promise, Vision, Mission and Values.

Application Procedure:  The LIT program is a selective process, which requires participants to complete an online application, and undergo a group or individual interview. A limited number of spaces are available in the program, and applicants will be offered LIT opportunities for the season dependent on their experience, interests, skills and availability.  Once accepted, LITs will be provided instructions and registration materials to formally sign-up for the program. The only fee for the program is a $50 registration fee, once applicants have been selected. A small honorarium will be awareded to LITs who complete the program.

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Additional Details:

●      LITs are encouraged to expand their experience at camp by participating in either of our Teen Trek programs (regular registration procedures and fees apply).

●      During their stay, LITs will be supervised.  A camp staff (leadership staff) will be assigned to oversee the LIT program, and will coordinate their assignments through the camp community, and act as their liaison with counselors, support staff, and program staff..

●      LITs, as campers, must complete a health history form that will be made available to them.

●      LITs go home between assigned sessions. The pick-up and drop-off schedule for LITs will follow the camper schedule for the week(s) they are assigned with the same drop off and pick up times, unless otherwise noted.

●      LITs, as campers, may be transported during camp sessions in only Camp Fire approved vehicles, with approved drivers.

●      Failure to follow policies and procedures, including acting as an appropriate role model, will result in their removal from the program, with the parent/guardian responsible for transportation of camper from the camp or council property.

2015 Schedule:

The LIT experience will run July 5th through July 31st.  LITs are required to return home weekly at the end of each session and expected to return with the start of the next session.  Transportation is provided to and from Anchorage for each session. 

Questions? Please contact Penny Steele or William Day, camp Co-Directors by email at or

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