Table Captains

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Being a Table Captain is one of the most impactful ways you can influence the success of our fundraising efforts and help Camp Fire provide opportunities and services to the children and families in our community. Any individual, couple, company or group can be a Table Captain.

What is a Table Captain?
A Table Captain invites nine other people to join them at their table to learn more about the work Camp Fire is doing in our community. Family, friends, neighbors and work colleagues make excellent potential guests. The breakfast is free to you and your guests. Although everyone will be asked to consider a contribution, there is no minimum and no maximum gift level. It will be our job to inspire your guests to give.

Why should I be a Table Captain?
Not only do you raise money to support Camp Fire’s efforts, your friends will appreciate you for introducing them to Camp Fire. You are giving them the opportunity to support Camp Fire’s mission of building caring, confident youth and future leaders. By bringing new people to the breakfast, you are expanding our community of supporters essential to the growth and stability of Camp Fire’s programs. Our goal is for you to feel very proud of your connection to Camp Fire and of your role as a Table Captain.

What if I can’t fill a table?
There is no need to worry if you can’t fill your table. We usually have individuals who need seats and can help you fill your table, or you can choose to co-captain a table with a friend.

What is the suggested process of organizing a table?
Filling your table begins with extending the invitation. The best invitation for your guests is a personal one. Invite them in person, by telephone or even e-mail. Camp Fire will provide you with sample invitation language and electronic invitations. When a guest accepts your invitation, follow up with phone calls and/or emails to re-confirm their attendance prior to the breakfast.

Our goal for 2015 is to have 50 Table Captains and 500 people in the room! We invite you to join us this year as a table captain and a champion for the youth in our community!

If you have questions about being a Table Captain or would like to learn more about the Champions for Children Breakfast, please contact:
Jo Lamson (907) 257-8820 or Joanne Phillips (907) 257-8819

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Comments from past participants…

“I’ve been to a lot of fundraising events of this type, but the Champions for Children breakfast was fun and informative. My guests enjoyed the program, and they thanked me for inviting them.”

“Thank you again for the lovely breakfast this morning – I learned so much! Its a new and bigger Camp Fire!!

“This event was enjoyable, fun and inspiring – I felt proud to be a Table Captain.”

“I think we were all cheered up and left on a happy note.”

“We enjoyed getting to know more about Camp Fire, a ‘class’ breakfast”

“I’d be happy to host a table again next year.”

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