Camp Fire is Back at Loussac Place

For more than 30 years, Camp Fire provided after school care for the families of Loussac Manor, an AHFC low-income housing development in Midtown, bordering Chester Creek, between C and A streets.

After the community was closed and demolished, AHFC awarded redevelopment of the Loussac property to Cook Inlet Housing Authority. Camp Fire entered into a partnership with CIHA to provide after-school care to the youth of this newly redeveloped mixed-income neighborhood. CIHA designed a space especially for Camp Fire that is spacious, inviting, sun-lit and beautiful.

The first families moved in in June 2012, and the Camp Fire program opened with the start of school in August 2012, with plans to grow and expand the programs offered at Loussac as more families with children move into the community.

Watch an inspiring video about the partnership between Camp Fire Alaska and Cook Inlet Housing Authority at Loussac Place, here.