Before & After School Programs

Camp Fire’s mission is to provide every child with the opportunity to find the best in themselves and others in a safe, fun, learning environment. We understand that quality programs help children develop social, emotional, physical and academic skills and are key to helping youth become successful adults. Our municipally licensed programs offer kids challenging activities and learning experiences while also providing support to working families.

“Camp Fire is there for my kids when I can’t be due to work. Not only are they safe, but they are physically active, having fun, and developing life skills.”


Why Choose Camp Fire?

Location, Location, Location
Camp Fire operates 28 municipally licensed school-age childcare programs in Anchorage and Eagle River. Programs are located in elementary schools where participants are enrolled, creating consistency for the children and easing the burden of transportation for parents.

Hours of Operation
We are open before school from 7:00 am, and until 6:00 pm in Anchorage (6:30 pm in Eagle River). We offer programs on most scheduled school closure days, including in-service days and winter and spring breaks, and we are usually open in select locations during unplanned closures (emergency or snow days).

Flexible Enrollment Plans
Choose an enrollment plan that fits your family’s needs. You can choose before-school, after-school, or both. In addition, you can choose a part-time schedule for a couple of weeks each month or a full-time plan that covers every day. Camp Fire has scholarships available for those who qualify. This program accepts childcare assistance payments – read here for more details.

Known for our quality programs and caring, professional staff, we have watched generations of young Alaskans grow up in our Before and After School Programs. Camp Fire has over a century of experience helping youth thrive.


The Thrivology Methodology
Our programs focus on the thrivology methodology: establishing caring and mentoring adult relationships, nurturing social and emotional growth, promoting physical activity and healthy life choices. Click here to learn more about the Thriveology approach.



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